Interior Design Services

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Freehand Home offers assistance in simplifying and decorating your home through the use of your own existing décor and furnishings, paired with new items that will compliment YOUR style and create a space that is not only cozy and beautiful but also functional and organized.

I will help weed through the clutter and unneeded items that you may have collected through the years. I will serve as a fresh set of eyes on your home styling, give your existing items a new purpose or face lift, or in other cases, help donate your unused or outdated items to someone in need. Often times, I find many people have more quantity in home décor rather than quality.


The first step is a house call. I will come to your home, asses the room or rooms you would like to focus on. Take inventory on the existing furnishings and décor you have. We will then determine the items that you would like to keep and incorporate into the space, and other items that are open for discussion; to re purpose, or donate. Once we get an idea for your must-have’s and overall goal for the room(s) we will create a design plan and set a budget for any new pieces to be purchased.

YOU are the one who decides how large or small of a project you want this to be.

  • We can simply re-style your room(s) with your existing pieces,
  • We can mix in a few new items to freshen up the space, adding a possible new coat of paint to the walls or furniture,
  • Or we can completely re-design your room(s) with new furnishings and décor.

Once we determine what the ultimate goal is and budget, I will present you with the design plan, shop for any necessary items to add to the design, re-purpose any existing furnishings (if applicable) and re-decorate the room itself.



  • One-time consultation fee of $60.00 is due at the end of our first meeting.
  • Determine a budget for any new items to be purchased. (100% of this budget will be required before we begin.)
  • 50% of the design fee is paid up front and the remainder due upon completion of project. The design fee will be determined once the scope of work is understood.


Please email to get started on de-cluttering and re-designing your home today!