cover.jpgWelcome to Freehand Home.

Freehand Home means living your life without the use of guidelines or measurements. There is no “How to Live The Perfect Life – for Dummies” book out there. You live and you learn; from marriage to motherhood, from home mortgages to home decor. Everyone has to figure out what works for them, because there is no right or wrong answer, there is no rule book or set guidelines to follow in life.

Freehand Home is a place where I can log my everyday life, raising my 2 incredibly crazy daughters, and also share ways to style your home through thrifted finds, re-purposed items and DIY projects. Now, I’m not going to lie, I love me some Target! So I won’t pretend I only thrift, because that is not the case. I want to show you that you can pair thrifted finds with new items to create a high-end look for your home. As a mom on a budget, discovering ways to save money and still achieve my desired home style, is KEY.

I hope you enjoy some of the crazy, fun and sometimes unusual stories that arise from my everyday life; and with hope, you are inspired to approach your home decorating through thrifted  finds and creative styling.


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