Tips for buying books to style your home.

Books are one of my favorite ways to style and design spaces in my home.

I have found that thrifting is the best way to buy large quantities of books and not spend a fortune.

When I am shopping for books there are a few things I look for.

  • Interesting titles. Even though I may not actually read these books (let’s be honest), I still want them to have a fun or interesting title.

IMG_0175    IMG_0071

IMG_0070    IMG_0172


  • The color of the spine. It makes a big difference when styling your shelves to group by color. I find myself buying more hardback books vs. paperback, so when I find a hardback I pull back the paper cover to see what color the spine is underneath. Paperback books are cheaper at Goodwills, so they are also good to buy if you are needing a large quantity.
  • Readers Digest books. These books are older and more unique in my opinion. When I come across a Readers Digest book I always buy it. I think they create a very unique display when grouped together.
  • Coffee table books. These are mostly picture books that would be a conversation starter and ones that your guests will enjoy flipping through. I recently found a collection of LIFE and People books that have great content.

I hope this gives you some helpful tips when shopping for display books. Below I have pulled some great inspiration images for you to refer to. I will do another post soon on “Tips for styling your shelves”








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