Entryway Design


Our house doesn’t have a formal foyer, or a grand entry room, but we do have a nice size wall in our living room where I wanted to make the focal point. You work with what you got, right?

On one of my Goodwill hunts, I miraculously found this beautiful pristine mid century slat-bench and it was only $19.00! yes…I repeat 19 DOLLARS! I typically try to pop into a Goodwill or our local thrift store (Sweet Repeat) at least twice a week, just to see what has been put on the floor, its always a hit or miss. Most of the time I am able to find something that I could use; whether that be home decor, furniture, clothes, toys for the girls or random household items. But other times I have found total GEMS!

This was one of those times! When I saw the bench, I tried to keep my cool, and casually walk over to it to see the price, and to see if someone had already taken the bottom half of the tag. Although I wanted to run over to it screaming and shouting to all in the store “ITS MINE!!! ….. ALL MINE!!!” – in an evil villain sort of way. To my surprise, no one had claimed it and I declared VICTORY!

Since I wanted to have this wall as the focal point in the room, I needed it to be simple, but also make a big statement. So this mirror that I found on Craigslist was the perfect solution. I luckily found a gentleman who had some items in an old storage unit, and was only asking for $30.00 for this HUGE mirror. (I want you to look online and search for a round mirrors and just see how expensive people are selling these for! Its ridiculous!) So when I saw this price, I jumped on it!

The mirror originally went with a vintage dresser, in result, it did not have any hardware to attach to the wall. It also was unfinished, which I wasn’t super happy with. I wanted it to be “framed” so it would look more finished. I did some research online and found another blogger who explained how she finished her mirror in a similar way, and took her advice and found a way to get the look I was going for. If you would like to see her post you can find it here.

It took about 7 trips to Lowes, with a trial and error approach, but I finally found the right solution to my problem= car window trim. It had a channel that I could slip into the groove of the mirror perfectly, well almost perfectly. To the naked eye, you would never be able to tell that there was a small flaw, but it doesn’t bother me! I also found some metal mirror brackets that my dad helped me install, because this mirror is really big and really heavy. (He is always great with things like this.)

I am so happy with the way this turned out, and especially that it was found through thrifting!


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