All girls love chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is known for heart shaped chocolates, roses and over-sized tacky stuffed animals. But for my girls, I wanted to fill their Valentine’s bag with less candy and more toys that could keep them occupied during the day. Because the only thing a bunch of candy would create is a sugar high and then a sugar crash that would be the death of me.

Now, I’m not one of those moms who never gives their kids candy or sweets, because I am totally laid back with that kind of stuff. I just hate giving them candy in bulk, where they want to eat it all at once, and then go freaking nuts!

So, mixed in with the Target dollar section toys, I threw in some candy. Specifically the little bag of gold coin chocolates that Naomie loves and begs for every time we pass by the dollar section at Target. I told her she was only allowed to eat one, and we would save the other for after nap time. She is pretty honest, so I trusted her with holding onto the candy. Then about 10 minutes later I found a gold wrapper on the floor beside her.

Me: “Naomie…did you eat the other piece of chocolate?”
Naomie slowly drops her head down, “Yes Mommy”
Me: “Naomie, I told you only one candy, why did you not mind me?”
Naomie: “I’m sorry Mommy, I just really like chocolate.”

I mean, what girl doesn’t like chocolate?


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